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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The National Tea Party Convention

I just finished watching the NTPC through various sources online, PJTV, CSPAN, FoxNews, and I have to say, it was interesting.

Joseph Farah (WND) gave us a Pat Robertson-esque Birthers Reborn speech, quoting scriptures at least a dozen times. I could have skipped this. PJTV commentary was good. Britbart gave an interesting interview on the new media, chock full of important info., and a nice intro to Palin.

Highlight: The Sarah Palin Speech.

Her speech was basically what I expected. While I don't think it will go down in history as a great transformative speech in American history books, she made some key points worth noting. One, don't let the Tea Party movement assign a head, and keep doing what your doing. That was I think, important to say. And two, she encouraged more involvement in politics, stressing that new advocates/activists not expect all candidates to be perfect. And encouraging people to not get "discouraged" in the battle ahead.

While I think it was important, overall, for the event to not throw the GOP completely under the bus, there seemed to be a stresser put on the idea that independance from the GOP was important, that a sort of long term goal of holding candidates feet to the flames can be effective, and welcoming Democrats into the Tea Party "Family"..or "Fold", if you will.

I give Obama a D minus, and the Tea Parties a B plus.