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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Serving The First Ball

In doubles tennis its always wise to pick an apt partner, and when serving your first ball, take care not to be distracted by other things in your surroundings that do not pertain to your obstacle of winning the game.
The same could be said to the American political right in this year, 2010. While the big old soured up and worn out media giants continue to harang tea party goers as violent militiamen frothing from the mouth, actual tea party "goers" are putting as many good men and women as they can into heated primaries to stand up against whored out republican machine animals. We are also supporting some good solid existing republicans, which is easy, we live in an age of internet connectedness and few good existing politicians to support. Like Lexington, the battle over socialized medicine has been lost, but the ideas of freedom endure, the intellectual firepower, preserved, though moved, to an undisclosed location. As the GOP primaries wind down, those of us on the right need to keep our eyes on the ball now, a win for Republicans, is now a win for the tea parties. This will serve to aid the tea party cause while we regroup again for 2012. Look, sometimes when we serve tennis balls, they hit the net, we pick them up again and live to serve another day. Some elections will be lost, some primaries might see old stalwarts in the GOP nominated for their sixteenth run, so be it. As the founders did, we pick ourselves back up again and stay alive to fight another day. Even Scott Brown will have to be defeated and ousted to a Party further to the left than the rest of us, eventually. No offense Scott, but its the peoples seat. As Ernest Hemingway once said, "the sun also rises", and I think this is something very important to remember. And that doubles partner, she will get a chance to also serve, and with much delight from afront, we will keep our eyes, somehow, in the game.

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